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Marina 360 10 Litre Aquarium

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  • Brand: Marina
  • Product Code: 12850

  • £49.99

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  • • Easy to install & maintain
  • • Complete with filtration & lighting

Easy Setup and Operation
The housing unit-the business end of the aquarium-contains a pump, filtration system and LED lighting. The whole unit can be removed from the tank for maintenance. A swivel top lid opens and closes easily, allowing clear access to the pump and filter.

Life-Sustaining Water Filtration
As water is drawn inside the housing unit, it flows through and is cleansed by two filter cartridges, which skim and collect organic waste as well as provide biological filtration to keep the water healthy for fish and plants. The cartridges can be pulled out for rinsing or replacing.

Whats in the box

  • Marina 360 10Litre Aquarium
  • Filtration System
  • Aquarium Lighting
  • Biological aquarium supplement & water conditioner

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