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Interpet InSight 40 Litre Aquarium

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Interpets LED Insight aquarium range puts the fun back into fishkeeping, and is an aquarium for life, The slim line lid and panoramic display contribute to the visual elegance of the Insight LED aquariums, making them the perfect choice for the modern fish keeper.  Each aquarium includes a filter, heater, LED lighting, Filter Start and Tapsafe – all designed to the highest standards and includes a revolutionary Aquacare Reminder System helps to make caring for your fish and their tank a simple and enjoyable routine.The Insight aquariums also come complete with bright white day lighting and cool blue moonlight effect LED lighting which enhances the colours of your fish whilst providing the essential light energy your plants need to thrive. The high intensity 0.2w LED also creates an attractive ripple effect.

  • Aquacare Reminder System, Indicator light in hood makes keeping a healthy aquarium easy by ensuring you never forget essential maintenance such as partial water changes and filter cartridge replacement.
  • Tapsafe - removed chlorine and harmful heavy metals
  • Filter Start - adds essential 


  • Height: 38.5cm
  • Width: 49cm
  • Depth: 27cm

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