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AquaEL Glossy 100 Aquarium & Cabinet in White

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  • Brand: AquaEL
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GLOSSY is a brand-new and unique product line, the first of its kind on the market. The aquarium kit includes a special elevated tank. A lid with inbuilt lighting is glued to the inside of the upper part of the tank. Being a highly original decorative element, a GLOSSY aquarium will suit any modern interior. The lids of GLOSSY tanks are equipped with advanced 5 lighting to ensure the proper growth of aquarium plants. At the back of the lid, there are special openings for the hassle-free installation of canister filters and other aquarium devices.

  • • Uniquely stylish appearance
  • • Light and modern
  • • Elegant tank stand
  • • Efficient LED lighting

The GLOSSY kits are ideal for the setting up of plant aquariums as well as biotope and traditional mixed aquariums. They are available in three sizes, ranging from 80 to 120 cm in length. The tank stand is designed in the same style and is manufactured of high-loss panels. Together, they form a compact stylish body that sparkles with elegance.

ATTENTION! In March 2016, a new modification of the GLOSSY aquarium stand was introduced. In the current modification, the front and side walls are made of durable high-gloss acrylic panels rather than glass, as in the previous modification. During the transitional period, both versions may be available. Before purchasing, please make sure which version of the stand is available by calling 0151 336 3616.

Filtration not included
Lighting LED Lighting
Capacity 215 Litres
Height 123cm
Width 100cm
Depth 40cm

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