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biOrb Ceramic Media

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Beneficial Bacteria live on the highly porous ceramic media. This biological filtration converts the waste produced by the fish and ensures that the aquarium remains a healthy environment.

Over years the micro holes in the ceramic media can become clogged so replacing some may be beneficial. 

All our aquariums are supplied with ample ceramic media, you will not need to add more. However, extra ceramic media can be added to your Reef One aquarium. This will increase the area available for biological filtration and makes it easier to anchor plants into position.

The ceramic media should not need to be replaced, but if you wish to change the media you should do so gradually, in stages, and not all at once. Changing the media gradually allows the existing filter bacteria to move across and colonise the new media from the old.

Whats in the box

  • biOrb Ceramic Media
Compatible with:
  •  Baby biOrb
  •  biOrb 30
  •  biOrb 60
  •  biOrb 105
  •  biOrb Life 30
  •  biOrb Life 45
  •  biOrb Life 60
  •  biUbe
  •  biUbe Pure

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