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biOrb iHeat Low Voltage Heater

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 The 50watt iHeat intelligent heating system is a unique microprocessor controlled heating system that offers reliability, long life and highly accurate digital temperature control. it’s also stylish, discreet and the PowerPod allows everything including the heater, light and pump to be neatly plugged into the same supply.

  • • The 12 volt heater ensures electrical safety (other heaters use 240v).
  • • The new iheat powerpack allow reef one lights and air pump to be connected via one plug socket.
  • • Comes complete with changeable coloured covers, to suit any biOrb (Red, Black & White)
  • • Preset to 24.5 deg C 

Whats in the box

  • 1 x biOrb iHeat Power Pack
  • 1 x Inteligent Heater
  • 3 x Inteligent Heater changable colours (red, black, white)
Compatable with:
  • Baby biOrb
  • biOrb 30
  • biOrb 60
  • biOrb 105
  • biOrb Life 30
  • biOrb Life 45
  • biOrb Life 60
  • biUbe
  • biUbe Pure

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