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Magnetic Algae Cleaner

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Our new patented biOrb Algae Cleaner is set to revolutionize aquarium cleaning. The magnetic Algae Cleaner features:

Better cleaning results – unique blade design removes algae in sheets rather than in a cloud allowing easier removal and is tough enough to remove the most stubborn algae, even coralline algae.

Easy to use and less damaging – Hi-tech polymer blades clean without scratching and prevents grit getting stuck in cleaning surfaces, and if the magnetic coupling is released it floats.

Simply dust the outer surface with a soft cloth to remove any grit and then move the out section of the cleaner, the internal section will follow cleaning algae off the inside of the aquarium – no more wet hands!
Whats in the box
  • Magnetic Algae Cleaner
Compatable with:
  •  Baby biOrb
  •  biOrb 30
  •  biOrb 60
  •  biOrb 105
  •  biOrb Life 30
  •  biOrb Life 45
  •  biOrb Life 60
  •  biUbe
  •  biUbe Pure


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