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biOrb HALO 30 with Halo LED Lights Aquarium in Grey

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This new range of aquariums from BiOrb offers a new lighting system to illuminate your seascape.

With smooth lid and accents, this stylish Halo aquarium is perfect for those with limited space or a novice. As you would expect from BiOrb this fish tank is packed with features to create a stunning aquarium.

The waterline is concealed by the deep edge of the lid, which gives the effect of a flawless scene. The airline is also concealed in the rear of the tank for a smooth finish.

They key design concept of the Halo range is the LED lighting fitted inside the lid. This ring of light will bestow '3D' rays of light on your aquatic life. It even has a built in sensor that detects when to switch to a cool moonlight glow that shows your aquarium in a different light.  LED lighting emits very little heat and is proven to be a long lasting light source, saving money and energy.

The Halo range uses the same powerful filtration system as the whole BiOrb collection. The integral filter uses a cartridge to strain all debris from the water. Depending on usage, it is recommended that it is changed every 4-5 weeks.

Feeding is easy with the Halo aquarium, simply pop food in via the hatch in the lid, and safely close it again with the magnetic catch. The aquarium also has rubber feet, so even is a little water is spilled, it won't slip, even on the smoothest surface.

Complete with:

  • biOrb HALO aquarium
  • Ceramic media
  • Air stone
  • Filter Cartridge
  • 12v transformer
  • Low voltage air pump
  • Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid
  • Fish food
  • Instructions
Aquarium Height: 46 cm | Dia: 40 cm |
Capacity 30 Litres

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