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Fish Anti Fungus 500ml

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Anti Fungus Treatment is a very specific treatment for one of the most common ailments of coldwater fish, namely Fungus. Fish Fungus may be recognised in various forms but is usually seen as a greyish white or greenish white growth on the body or fins.

WHY USE ANTI FUNGUS: Anti Fungus is effective against Fungus, Mouth Fungus, Cotton Wool Fungus and Fin Fungus. Symptoms are Cotton wool like growths on the body or fins, these growths may be isolated or in patches.


  • Add 10ml per 225 Litres (50 gallons) of pond water.
  • 1. Shake bottle and remove white cap.
  • 2. Squeeze to fill measure.
  • 3. Pour into pond.
  • Repeat after 1 week if Fungus is still visible. Use no more than 4 times in any 1 month.

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