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Hands off my Hobby

​Animal campaign groups wish to ban tropical freshwater and marine fish from being kept as pets. Any such ban would cover almost all of the ornamental fish kept by hobbyists in the UK.

We support the campaign “Hands Off My Hobby” which wants all UK political parties to recognise that keeping fish is just as acceptable as having a dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig.
If you feel strongly about this please click here to sign the online petition.
What would the ban be on?
Anything not native to the UK - which would even cover popular fish that are captive-bred in Europe. And of course most marine fish and coral are wild caught.
If these groups are successful in their campaigns it would spell the end for keeping tropical freshwater and marine fish, as well as the hard and soft corals, invertebrates and plants enjoyed by so many in their aquariums.

By supporting the “Hands Off My Hobby” campaign we can prevent this from happening. Please take a moment out of your day and click here to sign the online petition.