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Pond Blanketweed Clear 1kg

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Pond blanketweed Clear is a scientific blend of beneficial organisms and natural minerals which perform the function of disposing of debris and fish waste. By breaking down the waste into nitrogen, Pond Blanketweed Clear will boost the performance of pond filters.
Simply mix the correct amount of powder with pond water in a bucket or watering can and pour into pond. Try to pour around the edge where blanketweed is growing.
Use one heaped spoonful per 65 gallons (300 ltrs). For maximum effect you can use a double dose.
Any initial cloudiness of the pond will clear in a few days. Pond Blanketweed Clear will begin to disappear in a short time but allow up to two weeks. Repeat if blanketweed returns. On hot days pond oxygen levels can be low. Dying algae can further decrease oxygen levels. If this occurs flush out your pond with fresh cold water remembering to add a dechlorinator.

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