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'The Modern Romantics'

 The inspiration behind the design comes from the pre-Raphaelite painting ‘Sleeping Beauty’ by Burne-Jones and elements of Hambridge Watermill to create a contemporary, romantic garden.  The foliage of the clump of young birch trees, almost black in appearance, represents the knight’s journey and the trees also provide a contrast to the lush planting in the lower part of the garden.

The stainless steel water spout is a modern interpretation of the over fed water wheel, whilst the front dry-stone walling protrudes into the middle of the circle partially obscuring this cascade of water.  Stainless steel edging separating the water from the border gradually disappears under this cascade.

The curvature of the rills which feed into the ‘mill pond’ resembles that of a natural river whilst the black granite reflects the colour of the birch trees.

A path, connecting the garden together, creates a journey from the patio meandering through the garden and ends with a seat where the path at this point seems to float over the water.

The ruin gothic arches, constructed in two halves will appear to become whole went viewed at a specific point.

The perennial colour scheme challenges perception of a romantic garden however with the introduction of lush green foliage, the effect is softens to create a relaxed space.  With the design focusing attention towards the centre, the occupant is drawn in to forget the outside world.

What has been used in this garden?